“Your website is the face of your business!” Have you heard us mention that at past Digital Media Lab events? It’s very important that you think of your website this way. Put your website in the perspective of your overall marketing plan for your business or organization. Does your website do its part?

Consider the Following Questions:
  • Is your website bringing you new customers? Growing your revenue?
  • When is the last time you updated it? Does it reflect the quality of your business in the real world?
  • What is your website’s main goal?
  • Does your website tell your story?
  • Is your website mobile-friendly?
  • Do you have a budget to market your website and your business?
Are you struggling to answer any of these questions? Learn more about the top 5 website best practices for small businesses in 2017 and how to apply these tips to your own business.

1) Goal of Your Website

Did you know that many Merchants now consider their website as leading source of new customers…second only to word of mouth?* Is your website delivering new customers for your business? What is the main goal of your website? Your website should be in sync and stay current with your business strategy and marketing goals.

Your business strategy changes and your website should too. Of course, you want your business and website to be found in search results, but what do you want to happen when a potential customer visits your site? Updating your website content improves your SEO and tells Google that you are an expert in your field. Maybe the goal is to build an audience and help current customers become fans. Post fresh content on a blog and build your business’s audience! Turn those clicks into conversions.

2) Tell Your Story
As we said above, your website is the face of your business. Your website may be the first and only impression you have with a potential customer. Does your website tell the amazing story of your business? By looking at your homepage, does a user know exactly who you are and what you do?

Some website builders focus on the latest flashy widget of a website. However, if it’s not clear who you are and what you do then what’s the point? Great photos of you, your business and products and services go a long way to tell your story and video is even better.

3) Mobile-Friendly and Responsive
Having a responsive website is an absolute must! Today, over 50% of users search and browse the Internet on a mobile device. Don’t miss crucial leads by not having a responsive website. Not having a responsive website can negatively impact your SEO and cause your website to have a poor user experience. Check if your website is mobile-friendly by using this free Google Tool.

4) Affordable & Easy to Maintain
We’ve all heard horror stories of small businesses paying an arm and a leg for a website that they can’t even maintain. Or they find out their website was hardcoded and even a simple change can cost hundreds of dollars for a developer. Your website should be affordable and easy to maintain. You shouldn’t need to pay a developer for simple updates. If you’re working with someone who is asking for thousands of dollars, you can consider other options.

Your business needs and focus will change, so you should be able to quickly make updates to help your business achieve different goals. After making a few key website updates, you’ll be able to engage with users on your website and nurture that lead into a conversion. Posting blogs or fresh content should be easy and convenient!

5) Online Marketing: Now that your website is ready to tell your story, it’s time to get the word out!
There should always be a budget for marketing your website after it’s built. Think of your website as beautifully produced TV Infomercial. What’s the point of having it unless you make sure people see it! You hope lots of people are seeing your website, but make sure there are by having a marketing budget for Search Engine Marketing (SEM), social ads, and banner ads. We strive to build affordable websites so that businesses can set aside marketing dollars to market their website after it’s built.

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