Early March, it was all about ‘pivoting’ when it came to the changes businesses were faced with during the start of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Businesses were forced to think outside the box in almost
every respect of their business. Likewise, every business faired differently throughout the process. Some were able to shift their business model to remote only, while others got creative with product offerings and curbside pickup. Sadly, some businesses had to temporarily close their doors altogether and wait out the storm. The Digital Media Lab has been with you all along, helping you strategize your needs, offer new packages, and web design, and even offer contests and giveaways. Our staff faced the uncertainty head-on with a positive and proactive approach to help our local businesses, the lifeblood of our community succeed. Now with the state slowly opening back up, things are not “normal” but we are headed in the right direction. 

When it comes to your reopening strategy and your marketing efforts you need to think differently than before, after all, we are still living in unprecedented times. If you are looking to re-engage your audience and come out stronger than ever it might be the perfect opportunity to reinvent your brand altogether, or at the very least give it the boost it deserves. The latest statics reveal 54-percent of businesses are planning on spending the same or more when it comes to their marketing efforts, about a 10-point jump from March and April’s spending trends. Here are some tips to get you started.

Tell your story

This is a great opportunity to reintroduce yourself to the community that has supported you through these difficult times. Take the time to consider who your audience is, reintroduce key team members, showcase photos of your staff or products, talk about your roots, your passion, and what got you through the
challenges. Stories are a great way to share your tone and personality with the world and your story can be shared across many platforms including, Facebook and your website. If you already have a well-crafted story, use this time as an opportunity to tailor your messaging thanking your customers for their support and encouraging them to visit you in person. Did you know Facebook reaches 3 out of 4 online adults in your local market? Your customers are eager to learn your status and your plans to remain open, this is your chance to do just that! 

Now is the time to spend!

They say in business you get back what you pay in. Don’t be afraid to amplify your marketing budget. Less people are marketing which means you have a greater opportunity to get your business seen in front of your audience! Now is the time to consider running a social campaign or running a PPC campaign on Google. Placing a Facebook or Google ad using customized target marketing strategies will pay off in the long run!  This is your opportunity to get your name back into the world and watch your customers follow. 

Be flexible and adapt

If we’ve learned anything through this pandemic, it’s how to adapt to changes. Try to remain positive with your messaging and encourage your customers to do the same. Reopening your business might be slow at first but in due time, things will pick up, the patience owners will garner more respect from their customers in the end. 

Remain creative 

Just because your business is starting to reopen doesn’t mean you have to throw all the creative things you were doing to overcome the challenges out the door. If something worked well for you during the pandemic such as offering drink kits for your restaurant or a new and clever way of curbside options, continue doing what worked! 

Follow state and federal regulations 

Follow the Center for Disease Control recommendations and the governor’s orders closely so you are able to keep your employees, and customer’s safe while ensuring you are not risking potential fines. 

Navigating the complex process of reopening your business can be daunting but now is not the time to shy away from marketing, in fact, it’s time to bump it up like never before to stay ahead! At the Digital Media Lab, we have always prided ourselves on being true ambassadors of our community by offering coaching, FREE workshops, assistance with your marketing incentives, and ways to stand out and shine amongst the rest. The storm is finally clearing, make sure your message is positive on up-to-date. If you need help with your marketing initiatives contact us today!