In the past when life seemed overwhelming, we might have uttered the words “ I wish I could just live off the grid away from people.” Now, when faced with unprecedented times where mandates demand we stay at least 6-feet apart and the term social distancing becomes the new normal, it begs the question whether the terminology is being used correctly. Coronavirus (COVID-19) changes the way we live almost daily and our outlook and positivity are constantly being tested, that’s why social connectedness, even with physical restraints, is more important than ever. 

We are all social beings and the terminology social distancing carries a heavy connotation. The World Health Organization is officially advocating against the phrase “social distancing” and is from here on recommending the phrase “physical distancing.” Physical distancing is a more accurate description of the current times we face. It’s important to make the shift when it comes to our messaging. 

The idea is to reassure that contact with your friends and family still remains, but at a physical distance to ensure the disease doesn’t spread. These are tough times for businesses both large and small and shifting the wording to physical distancing is just one small move you can make TODAY to improve your messaging in a positive way. 

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