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The Team

Daryl Hively Headshot, Founder CEO Digital Media Lab Hartland Wisconsin

Daryl Hively, Founder/CEO

With over 30 years in Media, including 20 in Digital, Hively has held senior roles at Knight Ridder, EW Scripps, Advance Internet and Journal Communications. He launched his first digital agency in 2010 for Journal, founded Guarantee Digital in 2011 and since then has grown from one partner to over 150, in markets of all sizes nationwide.

Peggy Olson Headshot, Digital Media Lab Director Digital Media Lab Hartland Wisconsin

Peggy Olson, Digital Media Lab Director

Peggy Olson has over 18 years of Digital Marketing experience and has a passion for helping businesses excel online. Peggy loves working with local businesses on all levels to help them meet their digital goals. She currently leads all Digital Workshops for the Digital Media Lab and works with businesses on strategy, digital how-to’s and digital coaching.
Dan Schimp Headshot, Business Development Executive

Dan Schimp, Business Development Executive

Dan has over 15 years of digital marketing experience. He has worked as a Media Consultant for several Fortune 500 companies. His focus is to educate clients on the changes in digital marketing and help them get their business in front of the right audience. Dan understands how media is consumed by diverse demographics. By using market research and analysis he has generated innovative client-centric solutions tailored to client needs in alignment with their goals. What’s imperative to Dan is to continue to foster relationships and be an on-going business resource.
Kris Timmer Headshot, Web & Production Manager

Kris Timmer, Web & Production Manager

Kris leads the web and production teams at Guarantee Digital. A creative and organized team leader, she offers strategic and operational direction and implementation and has a passion for all things web! Kris began her career as a graphic designer for advertising agencies and spent many years in hospitality from managing private clubs and a boutique hotel, to catering and banquets.