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Target Marketing

Your ability to advertise your business is more customized than ever before. With simple information gathered through keyword searches and location services, we know exactly what consumers are looking for when looking for it.

How can you capitalize on target marketing to grow your business?

Google Ads

First, if your website is young, it is worth the investment to get found at the top of a search. Because of the frequency of generic word searches, we know that Google Ads are an excellent investment for businesses. Getting found on Google converts your leads to sales.

Search Retargeting

When potential customers look around online for what you have to offer, they might see your services but not purchase them right away. Search retargeting delivers your message to these prospects later via web or mobile sites based on keyword searches. Search retargeting will keep your business at the top of mind for your ideal customers.

Site Retargeting

Did you know that over 90% of first-time site visitors will leave your site without converting? Site retargeting gives you another chance for you to make them your customer. If someone has visited your website, a site retargeting plan will deliver targeted ads to them through mobile and websites, social media, and video ads.


Geofencing is the solution for the "just-looking" crowd. We know a lot about what consumers want to buy based on their location. Using geofencing, you can stay top-of-mind for those customers who visited your store but left without making a purchase. You can even geofence a competitor and have YOUR ads served up to people at your competitor's business.

Customer Database

Your customer database of phone numbers and emails already contains a wealth of information for target marketing. Using your existing customer data, you can reach your existing customers, get them to shop more often, and reach new customers similar to your current customers.

Video Marketing

Video on social media delivers significant results. For example, 75% of people are more likely to follow a brand's social media page if it has video content. Increase your sales, traffic, brand awareness, and conversions by using videos to get your message across to your prospects.

Live Chat

With 89% of consumers interested in connecting with businesses through mobile messaging, and 42% of those leads coming outside of regular business hours, live chat is a must-have for today's businesses. 24/7 live chat engages with consumers on your website, Google Business Profile, and social media channels.

Are you ready to up your target marketing game? Digital Media Lab can help you with your digital marketing. No job is too big or small for us, from small local businesses to national companies. Our team can optimize your website, help you tell your story through podcasts, social media, video, or blogs, create retargeting strategies for you, and much more!

Are you wondering how your business stacks up in the digital world or where to start growing digitally? Take advantage of our exclusive offer to run a digital audit on your business and your three biggest competitors. To discuss a customized, affordable package to meet your unique digital needs, call us at 414-234-8529 today!



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