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Tell Your Story Through a Podcast

A lot of attention is given to imagery, in fact, you’re likely to determine whether to stay on a Facebook post or website based on the images alone. While images are certainly important, listening is actually the key to all effective communication. Many people would argue that hearing is our most important sense. The average person hears roughly 70,000 words per day. Invitations, instructions, jokes, secrets, words of appreciation, warnings, and more. Tons of social content and context exchanged between people on the most efficient level.

If you haven’t tapped into the potential of podcasting, you’re missing out on a growing audience. In fact, the total podcast audience is growing at a compound average growth rate of 20 percent.

Podcasting is one of the best ways to communicate to your audience…especially when they want to listen, but viewing a screen isn’t an option for them in real-time. According to Nielsen, six out of 10 people understand what podcasts are, and 112 million Americans -- 40 percent of the nation’s population -- have listened to at least one. Don’t know where to begin? Here are some tips from HubSpot

1. Create a checklist to keep yourself on task.

Your checklist will be individualized, but be sure it includes a section on technical elements. Setting up audio, iTunes, accounts, and interviews can be tricky if you haven’t done your homework.

2. Set up your basic show format.

Every interviewer prefers to run his or her podcast in a particular way. Many podcasters ask guests the same questions, but as a listener, sure, it’s less prep work, but it makes the host look lazy.

3. Leverage your network.

The first 10 episodes set the tone for any podcast launch, so make sure you line up high-profile, interesting, engaging guests who won’t be turned off if you have very few -- or no -- listeners.

4. Track your downloads.

You have to stay on top of your downloads. Your goal should be to hit at least 500 downloads an episode to feel sure you’ve broken the cycle of only having people in your inner circle tune in.

What’s a reasonable download number for your, quote, “success”? Only you can determine this, but it helps to keep a steady eye on the numbers. Starting to see a downward trend in listenership? Go back to square one and ask those tough questions again so you can pivot before your podcast loses traction.

5. Produce great content consistently.

Does everyone have a bad episode once in a while? Sure. And if you’ve planned in advance and have great content in the bag, you can simply not release it in lieu of a better one. Before you release your podcasts publicly, try to have several on hand. That way, you get the relief of a buffer zone.

Podcasts are only increasing in popularity and are a wonderful sign of things to come for marketers willing to venture into the podcasting realm. The experts at the Digital Media Lab are here to help! Our Video & Podcasting capabilities help you leverage the power of sight, sound and emotion! Our Q&A style interview where you and your business are the star of the show. Great for exampling your unique products and services in an educational way. Podcast content is evergreen and great for featuring on your website and promotion via Social Media. All podcasts are distributed via Spotify, Google & Apple podcasts. Listen to our Chamber of Commerce series here. Contact us today to learn more!

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