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That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles

The demise of cookie-based marketing and how our experts can help!

Do you remember being profoundly disappointed about something as a child and hearing an adult use the phrase “well, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles?” While you probably didn’t know what that meant, chances are you’ve figured it out as an adult. While nobody can deny the challenges the world faced in 2020, business owners used creative-based and unique marketing tactics to not only remain in the mix but stay ahead of their competitors.

As we enter the second quarter of 2021, marketers and businesses alike, are faced with yet another challenge, growing data privacy regulations, and its demise remains a core challenge for nearly half the advertising industry (49%), research finds. Luckily, having a strong team of experts at the Digital Media Lab keeping up with industry standards and constantly searching for new workarounds is the silver lining.

Here’s what we know

Platforms like Apple and Google are eliminating third-party cookies and other common identifiers by 2022. In short, cookies are being eliminated because they are a direct response to increasing data privacy laws. With the elimination of third-party cookies, consumers gain a greater degree of privacy, data protection, and control over how their online data is used.

Refresher on cookies

Third-party cookies are tracking codes generated on a website by another website that is not the website the user is browsing (e.g., Google generating third-party cookies on This is set up by the web server or a scripting program such as JavaScript, which creates the code. The code, in turn, tracks information from the visitor’s session and provides it to the entity that created the third-party cookie. A user can find a cookie on a page, or the tracking code, by viewing their settings in their web browser.

How to adapt to a new cookie-less digital world

Only 59% of marketers and business owners, claim to have a very clear understanding of the impact of privacy-related restrictions on their systems and operations. Rest assured that our team at the Digital Media Lab is already busy investigating new tactics that will allow us to continue delivering great ROI for our clients. Our mission has always been learning, coaching, and growing and this is just another hurdle our team has a strong handle on!

While the new cookieless world might seem like a burden to bear, it also presents itself with new opportunities to discover solutions and platforms, and transform to a new model of ad delivery our clients can trust and rely on.

According to Forbes, even though third-party cookies may be going away, first-party cookies are here to stay! The reliance on first-party and higher quality data collected will increase in value and importance. Of course, our team will continue to deliver campaigns via platforms that don’t rely on cookies, including pay-per-click, video, and email marketing. Learning how to navigate an even more complicated marketing strategy can take focus, time, and energy away from what really matters, your business! Let our experts help you come up with marketing solutions individually tailored for you and stay tuned for more information as we roll out our new programs for a cookie-free world! Contact us today to get started and learn more about how our digital solutions can get customers in your door!


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