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Understanding the New Path to Purchase

The way consumers shop has changed dramatically in recent years. As a result, business owners are challenged to offer new and innovative ways to reach their target market and draw customers to their business. While this may seem like a monumental task, knowing how your target customers shop can help.

Let’s break down the new path to purchase or how customers search and shop in 2022.

Get Found on Google

Did you know that 82% of people who search on Google use unbranded or generic keywords? This means that most consumers will search for “vehicle detailing” rather than a specific business name that they know that offers that service. Knowing this can help you optimize your website to be found online exactly when your target customer is looking for you. The return on this effort will be notable for your business: 76% of those searches connect with a business in 24 hours, and 28% make a purchase!

Make it Easy for Customers to Do Business with You.

Our research shows that consumers still prefer to visit businesses and purchase in person. But, emphasizing the importance of getting found in search, over half of these shoppers will research their purchase online before picking up the item in-store. As a result, ideal businesses will offer online ordering with in-store pick-up and ordering online for home delivery for the 19% of people who plan to do most of their shopping exclusively online.

Deliver an Experience that Consumers Want to Share

Your customers can be your biggest advocates! The majority of consumers have shared that they will spend more for a great customer experience. Give your customers an experience worth sharing and encourage them to leave you a review. Local businesses have the advantage here as trends show support of those invested in the local community. For example, 37% of people say they will shop locally even when it is more expensive or less convenient. So make sure your business has a strong community presence as part of your customer advocacy campaign.

Do you want to learn more about new trends in the path to purchase? Digital Media Lab offers a free, five-part webinar series that breaks this all down for you and gives you actionable tips to implement in your business today. The new path to purchase is discussed in detail in session one.

Digital Media Lab can help you optimize how you do business to reach customers as they shop. We are passionate about helping companies to grow through their digital presence. No job is too big or small for us, from small local businesses to national companies. Our team can optimize your website, help you tell your story through podcasts, social media, video, or blogs, create retargeting strategies for you, and much, much more!

Wondering how your business stacks up in the digital world or where to start growing digitally? Take advantage of our exclusive offer to run a digital audit on your business as well as your three biggest competitors. To discuss a customized, affordable package to meet your unique digital needs, call us at 414-234-8529 today!



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