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Connecting your business with two very important types of potential new customers!

Highly Targeted Marketing that Drives New Leads and Educates Your Best Prospects. 

Business Meeting

Buyer #1

Connecting with those actively in the market

These potential new customers are actively seeking your products and services and are looking to buy in the near future. Our multi-platform marketing tactics get your message in front of these ready to buy consumers, driving inbound phone calls, web leads and store traffic.

Marketing Tactics we use can include:

  • Search Engine Marketing - Get you found #1 in Google Search and Maps and at the Top of Google My Business listings. 

  • Keyword Retarteting - Serving your message based on the prospects mist recent keyword searches.

  • Mobile Social GEO Fencing - Delivering your message based on physical location of the prospects, including those that have recently visited your store...or your biggest competitors. 

  • Site Retargeting - Stay top of mind with those already interested in you and have visited your site! 

Did you know? 90% of site visitors fail to convert on their first visit. Site retargeting brings them back to your site and into your business.

Buyer #2

Connecting with your ideal prospect

They may not be actively searching today, but these prospects are a strategic fit as your ideal target customer based on their location, key demographics, interests and behaviors. Our multi-platform approach will raise awareness and educate the prospect on why your company is the obvious choice when it's time for them to make a purchase. 

Marketing Tactics we use can include:

  • Social Media Marketing - Educate and entertain your prospects on the leading social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

  • Video & Audo Marketing - Via Social, YouTube, Connected Smart TVs and Spotify. 

Did you know? Videos drive 8x engagement!

  • Email Marketing - Delivering your video message to the inbox of your best prospects.

  • Direct Mail - In sync with digital messaging, we deliver full color, oversized postcards to all the homes nearest your store or to a specific 

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